Written feedback

With I am IELTS you can sign up to receive constructive expert feedback on your writing in our Writing feedback packages. In these we assess your essays, letters and descriptive reports according to the official criteria of the exam (i.e Task achievement, Coherence and cohesion, Lexical resource and Grammatical range and accuracy) to help you track your progress.

We also give you detailed feedback on your mistakes in it, highlighting the errors and inserting our concrete comments into the document. At the end of your work you will also find four global comments on what your main strengths and weaknesses are and whether you have been making progress compared to your earlier works.
 It is recommended that you sign up for this service only after you have gone through the course in your chosen genre as our feedback will refer back to basic concepts in the modules.

Why is feedback important for your development?

As part of your learning process it is crucial that you also receive regular feedback and guidance on which aspects of your writing still need improving. Asking for feedback on your written work will help you make sure that you are indeed capable of

  1. writing well according to genre
  2. writing with an ample range of grammar and vocabulary as appropriate to the band score you are aiming for, and
  3. writing faster than you currently are, while respecting the required word count.

How does it work?

  1. You select the writing package that you want to buy and once you have purchased it through our Shop, you email us the confirmation of the transaction to info@iamielts.com.
  2. As soon as we get your confirmation, we email you the number of and types of tasks you selected.
  3. You write your answers (preferably within the amount of time allowed, that is to say 20 minutes for task 1 and 40 minutes for task 2 in both general and academic IELTS), and send them to us as a Word document via email within one month of the purchase.
  4. We error mark, error correct and assess your writings for you within 48 hours. ‘Error marking’ means you will find the mistakes underlined in your text, while ‘error correcting’ means you will also find a comment as to what type of mistake you committed in light of the official criteria and how it could be corrected. You will also find 4 general comments about your essay/descriptive report/letter at the end of your text, as well as its IELTS assessment. In the case of the occasional particularly weak answer it might be recommended that you rewrite the piece, incorporating the suggested corrections into it, to really facilitate learning. You can then ask for feedback on these again, if you feel that it might be useful to compare the rewrites with the original.

Feedback prices

  • Error correction, feedback and assessment of 1 academic essay: 15USD
  • Error correction, feedback and assessment of 1 descriptive report or 1 letter: 12.5USD
  • Error correction, feedback and assessment of 2 academic essays and 2 descriptive reports or letters: 45USD
  • Error correction, feedback and assessment of 4 academic essays and 4 descriptive reports or letters: 90USD