Have you ever felt that looking for a very high quality IELTS course is almost an impossible task? More often than not, traditional language schools offer general English courses to assist you in improving “all” your skills, but in my experience, signing up for these courses is just a waste of time and money if what you truly need is to quickly and efficiently prepare for the IELTS. What is unique about I am IELTS courses is that they focus specifically on the exact micro skills that people typically struggle with and teach you very concrete and practical ways to improve them. Both the written and live feedback I received during my preparation were always loaded with valuable, and often recurring tips to address my personal weaknesses based on the strategies I had learned in the modules prior. I am IELTS tutors are so experienced that they can quickly assess what your exact needs are at the beginning of your preparation with them and know all the nuts and bolts of the written genre you need to master. This does not only include general information like how much time is available in the exam, what aspects of your writing are evaluated, etc, but the exact kinds of exercise you should do to improve the different strategies for the different genres. To sum up, learning with I am IELTS demands some of your time and effort, but in the end it is totally worth it. I got my 7.0 in writing with their help over the course of a few months!


Last year after I did not achieve the required band score in my academic writing in the IELTS exam and with the pressure to retake it in a very short period of time, I decided to improve my writing skills with I am IELTS. I bought the academic essay writing course, as well as the one about descriptive reports, and feedback packages in writing and on Skype as well. My teacher helped me a lot, because she knows the structure of the exam very well, so I learned many concrete and useful tips from both the courses and the feedback she provided me with. In two months my writing in English was considerably better. I passed the exam with the score that I needed (6.5 academic) and now I am doing the PhD in the UK that I needed IELTS for. I really recommend that you take your preparation into your hands too, with the help of I am IELTS.


During my academic writing courses with I am IELTS I learned how to tackle the tasks in a more organized way through different strategies, such as effective brainstorming, developing a structure for my essay, learning how to identify the different types of essays, etc. I think the most important skill that I learned was how to develop a single idea into a paragraph and then how to string my paragraphs together. I am IELTS really helped me improve my writing skills and I got the band that I needed (7.0 academic) for my engineering PhD in the US.


Before the academic essay course I had great expectations to learn new strategies to improve the way I write essays. I already had a vague idea about what the IELTS written genres are and the kind of register that people expect to find in these. However, most of this knowledge was at a level in which I could only recognize these key features and be able to say whether a certain piece of writing was a good example of its genre or not. I decided to learn with I am IELTS because I wanted to become more conscious of the features of academic essays on the IELTS exam and receive feedback on my work right after having mastered the theory in the modules. Before the course I used to have difficulty in choosing a topic to write about and choosing the scope for my writing. The amount of time I needed to plan what to write used to be too much as well, exceeding the time limit in the real exam, because I used to take several hours to organize my ideas around the topic. This was due to the fact that I did not know how to brainstorm and write a draft in an organized way. Another important skill I learned from my teacher is the importance of developing clear arguments for an essay. I am now also more aware of the way information is organized in the Anglo-Saxon tradition as well as organization within the paragraph. I truly feel that it was worth taking the course because it helped me to reassess my foundations as an essay writer. I really recommend it to anybody wishing to improve their academic essay writing skills in a short period of time.