Skype tutorials

You might feel that you are one of those people who learn better if they get to discuss their problems and questions with their trainer ‘live’ as well. In our Skype feedback session packages you will get the expert guidance you need.

The sessions are typically useful if you have already done the course or courses you need and received feedback on your work from us in writing, because it enhances learning when some of the problems with your writing are either not completely clear from the written feedback that you got or you would simply like to go through them ‘in person’ as well.

Also, some of our written comments, especially regarding Task achievement and Coherence and cohesion might need further elaborating in person due to the fact that these criteria are more ‘organic’, therefore the strategies that you will need are more complex too.

What are the advantages of signing up for Skype tutorials?

If you feel you are more of a auditory learner (=somebody who learns best by listening), or you feel that you have more than 3 crucial questions that you collected based on your written feedback document(s) you received, you might want to consider raising them ‘live’, during a Skype tutorial. The advantages of taking such Skype sessions and going over your mistakes with your tutor include receiving ample, tailor-made feedback on your work, focussing on your mistakes and having the opportunity to ask for clarification on any issues that are still unclear. Your trainer will also add extra comments and elaborate on the comments made in the document, suggest learning tips or sources and ways for further development. Taking part in them will also radically improve your listening and speaking skills, which is a significant added benefit too.

How does it work?

  1. You select the Skype tutorial package that you want to buy and once you have purchased it through our Shop, you email us the confirmation of the transaction to, as well as your corrected writings that you want to have feedback on. (It can be as be as many as you want, but try to be realistic when choosing the right package to meet your needs. For example if you got much lower grades than your required band score, your exam is coming up soon and you have more than 10 questions from one (or many) documents, chances are you will not be able to raise them all/receive answers and comments on all of them of a satisfactory depth in one single session.)
  2. As soon as we get your confirmation, we email you to schedule your appointments and ask you for your Skype user name.
  3. You make sure all the technology (e.g a broadband internet connection and Skype downloaded onto your computer) is working properly before the day of your session and expect our call at the exact time for when it was scheduled.

Skype feedback prices

  • 1 session (of 60 minutes): 25USD
  • 4 sessions (of 60 minutes): 75USD
  • 8 sessions (of 60 minutes): 150USD


All written feedback services and Skype tutorials are non-refundable. If you ever need to reschedule a Skype feedback session, you must do this via email, at least 24 hours before the date of the originally planned lesson. The same session can only be rescheduled once. If you are more than 15 late for a Skype session, the lesson is automatically cancelled and cannot be made up for.