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Module A.1, What does the process of writing an academic essay entail?


Academic Essay Writing course

Course objectives

To help you acquire the awareness of the typical genre characteristics of academic essays and make you become more conscious of the different stages of the essay writing process.


Product Description

Our courses help you work your way through the theory and practice you need in the four parts of the exam (Writing, Reading, Listening, Speaking) if you are a candidate, while the Teacher Training courses prepare you to better teach the four skills if you are a teacher.
The answer key following each module facilities autonomous study and allows you to progress at your own speed, check the correct answers, and draw your learning conclusions.
In some cases you might even decide to redo parts of a module if needed. When you do a course step by step, you gain a thorough understanding of the subject of it, as the modules logically build onto one another.
Our Written feedback and Skype tutorial services are also based on the concepts discussed and practiced in the modules.


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