4 session (of 60 minutes)


If you are one of those who learn better if they get to discuss their problems with writing ‘live’ as well, you will love our Skype feedback session packages.

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Product Description

You might feel that you are one of those people who learn better if they get to discuss their problems and questions with their trainer ‘live’ as well. In our Skype feedback session packages you will get the expert guidance you need. The sessions are typically useful if you have already done the course or courses you need and received feedback on your work from us in writing, because it enhances learning when some of the problems with your writing are either not completely clear from the written feedback that you got or you would simply like to go through them ‘in person’ as well to. Also, some of our written comments, especially regarding Task achievement and Coherence and cohesion might need further elaborating in person due to the fact that these criteria are more ‘organic’, therefore the strategies that you will need are more complex too.


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