On top of the core material in the courses, every Friday you will find lots of free new content on the site including further useful preparation and language learning tips and exercises with an answer key, focusing on various sub-skills not dealt with in depth in the core course modules.

Letter Writing: Letter Types

Although letters are thought to be the easiest of the three task types (letters, descriptive reports and essays) on the writing part of IELTS, there are a few aspects of letter writing that can be tricky for candidates preparing for the general training module of the...

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Why Rewrite?

Other than always carefully reading your teacher's comments on and assessment of your written work, from time to time you might also want to rewrite your IELTS letters, essays or descriptive reports during your preparation to try to bring your work up to standard (i.e...

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Types of Written Feedback

Are you one of those students who, when your teacher gives you back a writing homework corrected takes a quick glance and shoves it into the back of their exercise book straight away, never to take it out of there afterwards to consider the teacher’s comments? If so,...

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Home or Abroad?

Over the years many times I have been asked by students in various language learning contexts whether a language can really be learned only abroad or ‘at home’, in your own country as well. Well, here is some good news for those of you who might not have the money to...

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Writing Terms Glossary

This entry is an overview of all the important writing related terms that are often referred to in our writing courses. Use them to help you revise the main concepts to do with essay, descriptive report and letter writing during your preparation. Happy Studying, I am...

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What is a Study Plan?

Normally before we set out to work on any project in life (not just academic), we establish their end goals, that is to say, what it is that we want to achieve with the endeavor. However, other than deciding what it is that you want to reach, you also need to think...

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